Salma Suleiman

Salma Soleiman was born in Cairo. However, she spent a big part of her life in Tunisia with her family due to her father’s work at the Arab University.

In Tunisia, Salma became acquainted with the different ways of cooking owing to her friendship with lots of Arab families in addition to visiting many countries and a passion to try new things. However, she went to medicine school.

Salma spent a lot of time studying and working until she got her master’s degree. Having a small family and three children, Salma’s medical dream became hard to achieve and her passion for cooking came back again for her family. She began to practice her cooking hobby and collecting recipes. Salma started to imagine herself like her mother who has always blessed her with her delicious dishes.

Thus, Salma began to tutor herself using books, internet and her mother’s tips. Accordingly, she got her own special touch and am trying to spread the idea among all girls and young women not to fear the kitchen and to try this beautiful pleasure by their own simple and easy ways.


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